Attics and Crawl Spaces Need Love Too

One of our inspectors recently inspected a house where the attic screens were damaged or non-existent. Birds had made nests and left unsightly bird droppings in and around the attic openings. The inspector also found seventeen dead birds at various stages of decomposition. In addition to the foul smell, feces and decaying carcasses emit bacteria and pathogens which could result in a health hazard. So, make sure attic screens are present and in good working order.

Crawl Spaces
Screens are equally important in crawl spaces to prevent animal entry. Another inspector came face to face with this little guy. By some miracle, the inspector was able to get a picture and still escape without getting sprayed.

Other animals have been encountered in crawl spaces too, such as bobcats, rattle snakes, rodents and coyotes.* These aren’t just environmental hazards. They can be a danger to your children.
We recommend annual inspection and/or maintenance by a licensed pest control operator.

*Although we are not conducting a pest inspection, we will note missing or damaged screens, as well as the presence of animals if seen.

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