New construction

Does brand new construction need a property inspection?


We are often asked this, and the short answer is:

Yes, we recommend you always get any structure inspected before the close of escrow.

Here’s why:

The builder may strive for perfection, performing all of his work with honor and integrity, but he can’t guaranty all his subcontractors have also done their jobs as they should. And, as we all know, no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.

For example:

Last month we performed an inspection on a brand new 2017 house. We flagged no less than 25 items, ranging from slow drainage to cracked roof tiles.

The builder is usually responsible for latent defects for ten years, however, you should research California contractor law and statute of limitations as it pertains to your situation.

Just as you would not accept any imperfections in a brand new car, you should have equally high expectations for a brand new building.

Examples of defects noted on recent new construction inspections

Exhibit A:

Island counter sink drain is not connected and emptying into crawl space at this time.




Exhibit B:

Excessive patina noted. This could be evidence of contaminated flux of poor soldering. Have a licensed plumbing specialist examine further. Ideally the water pipes would have been insulated to enhance efficiency and prevent condensation.


Exhibit C:

There is inadequate clearance maintained from around the flue pipe. This can be a potential fire hazard. Immediate corrections is recommended at this time.

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