Can Duct Tape REALLY be used to fix everything?

Duct Tape is NOT a Universal Fix


Despite the popular notion, there are certain things people should not be allowed to do with duct tape. Examples:


Facts About Duct Tape:

  • Duct tape is flammable. It shouldn’t be used on any kind of cord, extension or otherwise, especially if using for a heater or anything that might get hot.
  • Duct tape is fiber based and breaks down over time. Additionally, the adhesive deteriorates, so any potential sealant qualities diminish.
  • Duct tape wasn’t intended to be used as insulation.

Duct Tape wasn’t even meant for ducts. It was originally known as “Duck Tape” and was used to keep moisture out of ammunition cases during WWII.

Duct tape is not an acceptable substitute for electrical, insulation, plumbing or waterproofing. Minimally, it should be replaced with something that meets codes, such as electrical tape on wires (which could overheat and melt, but won’t catch fire).  We recommend having a licensed professional do any repairs to avoid sparks from loose wires or possible injury.

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