Inspector’s recommendations

Inspector’s recommendations & Requests for Re-inspections


Part I
As you already know, we are the generalists. If we were to do the specialty inspection on every system of the building, we’d be onsite hours longer and the fee would be significantly higher. Our job is to look for defects on the structure, systems, etc. and when needed defer to the correct professional.

It is important to remember that when we recommend a qualified professional, he will do a more thorough inspection. In order to accomplish that, the licensed specialists must visit the property himself to inspect the system in its entirety and identify the actual problem before the close of escrow.

Part II
We often get asked to re-inspect a property after repairs have been made to ensure the items that we flagged were handled correctly. However, most inspectors will not return to the property to verify work was done, due to the liability involved—Alliance included. This is because it is inappropriate for any generalist to check on the specialist’s work and insurance companies will not cover this service.  A second licensed specialist may be needed to examine the system after repairs are complete, otherwise you won’t know if the problem was actually handled.

Therefore, we suggest referring to the standard Purchase Agreement regarding repairs performed by sellers, and request that any documents associated with the repairs be provided to the buyers.

You may consider asking for a credit on the purchase price instead. This way you can make sure the repairs are made to your specifications, by the licensed professional you choose.*

*Having the licensed professional do the work after close of escrow does not negate the need to have the specialist inspect the system in its entirety before the close of escrow.

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