Know Before You Buy

As you know, buyers are naturally drawn to properties that are more aesthetic. Some of these buildings with great curb appeal are also very well maintained. On the flipside, many properties are purchased and renovated, then turned over as quickly as possible. Most buyers are getting only a superficial look at their property and aren’t seeing into the crawlspace or attic, etc. Although some flippers pride themselves in quality work, often repairs are performed by unlicensed workers and/or permits have not been obtained. More often than not, the systems on these flips are outdated or in need of maintenance.

Water heater flue pipes should be constructed with only approved materials and installed according to manufacturer’s instructions. Vintage coffee cans and gutter pipes, especially when disconnected, can be a fire hazard.
Although even the best inspector may not see defects which have been covered with fresh paint, an experienced inspector will look for other signs of poor workmanship or hidden defects. No matter how pretty the structure is on the outside, make sure your client gets a physical inspection so he or she can ensure it’s just as pretty on the inside.
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