New Service: Infrared Inspections

We now perform infrared inspections!

Infrared technology is quickly becoming more common for inspections of residential and commercial buildings. The infrared camera measures heat and is invaluable for detecting hot spots and anomalies that require further investigation.

Example of a hot spot on an electrical panel:

Infrared is particularly useful on HVAC components for evaluating efficiency of air flow. The example below shows air conditioning registers where tenants complained of not being cool enough on warm days. The lost air flow (the blue in the infrared image) is visibly dissipating into the ceiling plenum of a commercial building, due to a poorly sealed duct.

There are many parts of electrical components or enclosures and larger HVAC units, such as chillers and cooling towers, that can be captured with infrared. Some of the issues that come up as anomalies can turn into costly repairs down the road, if not caught early. Through infrared imaging, these defects can be detected before the problems become worse.

Call us for all your infrared needs!*

*Infrared is not part of a general inspection. Infrared inspections are a specialty inspection with additional fees.

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