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Inspector’s recommendations

Inspector’s recommendations

Inspector’s recommendations & Requests for Re-inspections   Part I As you already know, we are the generalists. If we were to do the specialty inspection on every system of the building, we’d be onsite hours longer and the fee would be significantly higher. Our job is to look for defects on the structure, systems, etc. […]

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Know Before You Buy

As you know, buyers are naturally drawn to properties that are more aesthetic. Some of these buildings with great curb appeal are also very well maintained. On the flipside, many properties are purchased and renovated, then turned over as quickly as possible. Most buyers are getting only a superficial look at their property and aren’t […]

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Attics and Crawl Spaces Need Love Too

Attics One of our inspectors recently inspected a house where the attic screens were damaged or non-existent. Birds had made nests and left unsightly bird droppings in and around the attic openings. The inspector also found seventeen dead birds at various stages of decomposition. In addition to the foul smell, feces and decaying carcasses emit […]

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Try Our New Service!

The Limited Building Inspection Fees starting at $295.* For significantly less than the cost of a full home inspection, we will: Inform you on the current condition of the home’s systems. Flag issues with systems that could be a deterrent to buyers. Help prioritize future upgrades. This is not a full inspection per ASHI or […]

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Is Transite or Asbestos-Cement pipe hazardous?

Transite pipe in the crawl space. What is Transite pipe? Transite is a brand name for a clay pipe that is commonly found in older buildings. The official name of this clay pipe is Asbestos-Cement or AC.  This material contains asbestos, and was used in the 1900s in venting for appliances, water heaters, floor furnaces […]

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Traditional Tank Water Heaters VS Tankless

If you or your client are preparing to replace your water heater and are unsure if you should switch to a tankless water heater, let us help you decide. Here are some pros and cons for both. Tankless water heaters Pros: They are smaller and take up less space, leaving room for other things. You’ll […]

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Buying a Newly Constructed Home? Get it Inspected

Many people think if they are buying a brand new home they don’t need to get it inspected.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We have seen a lot of new construction in the Santa Clarita Valley over the past decade, and there are definitely issues that home inspectors have found even with newly […]

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