Sewer Scopes

What is a sewer line?

The sewer line is the main pipe that begins at your house and leads to the main line in the street. The owner of the property has sole responsibility of the entire length of this pipe until it meets the city’s line in the street.


Why should you get a sewer line video inspection?

Slow drainage may result from the main line being blocked by root intrusion, broken clay pipes, etc. Roots can hinder or completely stop the flow of waste through the main line, which could cause the water/waste to back up and seep into or flood your home. Damage from flooding could be catastrophic. Becoming aware of an issue before it escalates into a serious problem can be achieved by getting your sewer line scoped with a video camera.

If you are buying a house, know the problems so you can make an informed decision. If you are selling your home and unaware of defects, getting your sewer line inspected will help you discover those defects that may be a deterrent to potential buyers.

Why should you have your sewer line scoped by us?

The inspectors at Alliance Sewer Line Inspections have many years of construction experience which gives them extensive knowledge of buildings and how they are constructed. We do not perform any work whatsoever and therefore have no conflict of interest. Our reports will be unbiased and impartial. You can be confident in the information we will provide to you.




Commercial and Residential



We use top-of-the-line, state of the art equipment, utilizing a track and locate device and a camera with a 300 foot reach. Your video will be narrated, documenting the current condition of the sewer line, and we will provide estimated costs to correct any situations. We will also provide a link to the video that you can easily access and download online without the hassle of transferring files or dealing with a DVD.

What is included in the sewer line inspection?

✅ We will access the main line from a readily available and accessible point.

✅ We will provide a narrated video of the sewer line, and a report on our findings with a link to the video.

✅ We will offer recommendations on solutions/costs to remedy any problems.

✅ We will place a marker where we discover any defects.

What is not included in the sewer line inspection?

❌ We do not comment on sewer ejector pumps.

❌ We will not alter existing clean-outs, nor add/install them.

❌ We do not evaluate life expectancy.

❌ We will not do any repairs to the line, nor alter it in any way.

❌ We cannot inspect any sewer line which extends over 300 feet.

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